Andalucia - Malaga - Álora


For years we, Gerben - Loes - Dide & Okko Bonvanie, have dreamed of living in Spain. Curious about other customs, cultures, eating habits, environment and lifestyle, we decided in 2020 to chase our dream: 

We moved to:

Alora, in beautiful Andalusia (southern Spain).

Life in Spain is one word, great!
Whether it is the unimaginably beautiful nature in our area, the delicious food in one of the cosy bars, a totally different day schedule, the clear blue skies, the many hours of sunshine, experiencing other seasons, or the relaxed life, Spain is in everything different than we were used to in the Netherlands.
We would like to welcome you to this fine place to enjoy the beautiful Andalusia.

Bienvenidos en Finca Feliz Andaluz